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Asset Management Consulting

Infoventures specialises in technical understanding and application of PAS55/ISO 55000. PAS55 / ISO55000 audit tool provides a gap analysis of your asset management along with recommendations for process and technical improvements. Using a PAS55 / ISO 55000 based audit tool, our specialist consultants figures out what exactly is missing in your organization and how it can be improved. Our consultants ensures that your organisation assets are aligned with this Standards.

Major focus areas for Asset Management Consulting:

  • EAM Implementation and Optimization Consulting:

Whether you are migrating to a new CMMS/EAM or re-implementing an old system, it requires right set of people, knowledge and skill to ensure proper installation of the critical elements for better Asset Performance.

Our Asset Management experts let your company implement a maintenance program including setting up Asset Hierarchy, Collecting Asset Data, Analyzing Asset Criticality, Developing Asset Maintenance plans and Preventive Maintenance job plans.We also offer solutions to perform a Preventive Maintenance Optimization (PMO) on existing job plans and maintenance procedures, identifying and cataloging critical Bills of Material to optimize your assets.

  • Asset Integrity Management:

There are many improvement methods available to improve plant reliability and availability like RCM, PM Optimisation and others. These techniques have certain limitations when the events with high consequence, low probability and events with similar importance needs to be dealt with. Here Our technical expert’s primary objective is to ensure that the risks associated with equipment failure are within tolerable levels.

  • Maintenance Improvement Consulting:
    • Maintenance Assessments, Benchmarking and Audits
    • Maintenance Strategy Development
    • Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Improvement
    • Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM)
    • PM Optimisation (PMO)
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • Equipment Criticality Analysis
  • Operational Readiness:

Whether it is a green-fields operation or expansion of brown-fields operation, we understand that your people, data, system and processes are ready to operate effectively from the very first day. For this our we help you by consulting in the following areas:

  •      Review Organizational Issues
  •      Conduct Reliability, Availability & Maintainability (RAM) Modelling
  •      Project stage Audits Planning and Execution
  •      Preliminary Commissioning & Start-up Planning
  •      Critical Equipment & Systems Identification
  •      Spare Parts Assessments
  •      Develop Maintenance Procedures
  •      Establishing Contracts and Supply Agreements
  •      Equipment Specific Training needs planning
  •      Operations & Maintenance Procedure Development
  •      Safety Management Systems Reviews
  •      Operations & Maintenance Procedures Validation


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