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Asset Virtualization Solution

We leverage this partnership with INOVx to deliver innovative Asset Virtualization platform based on 3D virtual models, representing the as-is physical configuration of the asset, integrated with plant enterprise data systems such as SAP, Meridium and other operational and document management systems.

Asset Virtualization Platform

At the heart of the INOVx solution is a 3D virtual asset model which represents the plant’s “as-is” configuration. This model, when integrated with applications for plant maintenance, inspection, operations, compliance and training, delivers an intuitive and simplified approach for access to the immense amount of asset data residing in various information systems. Through the virtual model, these systems are exposed to a broader base of users, thus extending the value of asset information data beyond its current utilization scope.


Based on these links, INOVx has developed various turnkey applications tailored to the specific needs of various functional groups at the plant. These applications are based on the concept of providing a single point of access to all asset data relevant to the task at hand. INOVx applications are easy to use and specifically designed to be a natural way to work for operations and maintenance personnel.


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