Equipment Criticality analysis

An equipment critical analysis (ECA) is used to determine when equipment needs to be inspected or maintained based on priority. ECA as per criticality rating brings in account, preventive and predictive maintenance that allows planning manager to determine which work orders needs immediate attention and which can be rescheduled for a future. ECA also helps to determine the right quantity of spare parts required at right time.

With appropriate analysis of ECA, we ensure availability of critical equipment with minimum downtime.

Our Approach:

We develop a criticality model that defines the degree of criticality of a particular equipment. Our analysis process takes into account downtime, safety, environmental issues, quality, failure, failure history and other factors related to operational processes.

Steps involved while performing ECA are:

  • Review equipment hierarchy
  • Analyze in-depth, the Risks associated with each equipment Failure
  • Develop the Risk Matrix to be used


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